Google Update 1 Week Later

Google Mobile Update

Google updated their algorithm one week ago, and some are calling it Mobilegeddon. Now can the update really be as bad as they say or just a way for companies to bring the fear of losing website traffic and generating business.  Let's break it down a little further, for companies who do not possess a mobile-friendly website, yes most likely it will mean a decrease in rankings and yes that means less traffic to their website.Client's have been asking the questions, why Google is making this … [Read more...]

Hummingbird Update Sets the Search on Google

Hummingbird Update

When Google updates itself, it makes headlines. When it makes the biggest change to its search engine algorithm in over a decade, it makes the internet. This past week, Google revealed “Hummingbird”, an update to the search engine giant that will overhaul 90% of all search results, changing the way the search engine processes queries to return more precise recommendations. But there’s a lot more to it than that and how it affects your search engine optimization. What is the Hummingbird … [Read more...]

Google+ Brand Pages 5 Tips to a Successful Start

Google+ Brand Pages Profile

Google+ Brand Pages - How To Get Started with 5 Tips for Your Brand Pages Google’s entrance into the social network arena had come with mixed reviews. Google+ went live earlier in 2011 and the first problem was the lack of support for Google Apps and Google+. They fixed that, but then the Google+ brand pages became a problem and they fixed that.Google+ is making a mark and is striving to get better. So how can your company take advantage of Google+ brand pages. Here are 5 Tips to get your … [Read more...]

Google’s 10 Best Business Apps

Best Business Apps

10 Best Business Apps from Google for 2011 The Internet giant, Google, has more to offer business owners than its search engine. With Google's generous selection of first-class best business apps, it is almost a one-stop shop for small to medium-size businesses. The best part is, most of Google's business apps are free for all users. Here are the ten best business apps Google: [dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Google Analytics Analytics is one of the most used and most cherished of Google's free … [Read more...]

Enable Google Plus Google Apps

Enable Google Plus Google Apps

Enable Google+ for Google Apps One of the big frustrations with Google Plus since its release was the lack of integration with Google Apps. Now we won't get into why that happened in the first place, we are just going to cover the fact that Google said it would be days until it was enabled and I am happy to say that it is now active. You can now enable Google Plus for Google Apps!The feature is however not automatic, it will take some action from your Google Apps administrator to enable … [Read more...]

Google Plus Another Wave?


Google+ My Thoughts... Google+ has been going for about two months now and I am wondering what you think. Here are my thoughts and please let me know what yours are by leaving a comment. Is Google+ going to replace Facebook? I do not think so, the platform has many new features that I find very useful, like Circles and the huddle feature looks interesting. However, I think Facebook will remain a popular platform because of the user base and it has been a way friends and family have stayed … [Read more...]

Gmail Offline Chrome Goes Online

Gmail Offline for Chrome

Gmail Offline Chrome Gmail just made something good a little better with Gmail Offline Chrome web app. I am a big user of the Google Apps suite and love the function and productivity that I get from the suite. The one thing that bothered me is the offline capabilites that it offered,now we are getting somewhere.There were some solutions like Google Gears however it did not always work. So I waited, Google had promised to have offline features for the  Google Apps suite however I was getting … [Read more...]