Email Tip – Don’t Say Anything

Know When to Say Nothing

Email Tip - Say NothingEmail tip – email is not private, I know it seems to most people to be private, guess what it is not! Copies of all the email we send can end up on servers all over the internet. And for most business email, companies archive messages for security and compliance.

So the best practice for this email tip is to not say anything. Trust your common sense approach that you should never send email when you are upset, emotional, stressed, tired, hungry, drunk or otherwise impaired.  Once you send that email there is no taking it back. This becomes written documentation that can be used legally to support a lawsuit or worse dismissal.

Rules To Follow

If you are feeling upset or you think you are going let a rant go here are some email tips that will help make sure you don’t regret what you said.


  • Write the email in a document and review later after you have calmed down.
  • Read your email out load, this will  help you find the tone that might be interpreted when someone else reads it.
  • Don’t write the email. Let it go and move on. If the message gets you upset it might not be worth replying at all.
  • If on Gmail use Mail Goggles this lab makes you do a math problem to send the message.
  • Avoid Real-Time Email Response, respond later when you can look at it with a fresh perspective.

Sometimes it is the best to just move on. I know a lot of us like to get the last word, believe me that solves nothing.

If you still feel you must say something you might want to use our last email tip and don’t use email and maybe go see the person or call them.

Know when to say nothing!

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