About the Damang Media Group

Liberating your laptop, that is what we do here at the Damang Media Group

Workplace Freedom

Starting as a graphic design shop in 1998 we built a great reputation as a company that helps clients develop who and what they are.

What we discovered working with clients is that a lot of them have become disabled by technology. Working more, and increasing stress and most find that keeping up with the next technology trend is just too much work and that means falling behind their competitors. Always loving technology we have morphed into our current line up of services.

We show you how to use the advancing technologies,  so you and your business can work less and play more. With the expanded capabilities in cloud computing and the Internet, we can teach clients how to work less, get more done, and spend more time playing. This philosophy allows you to be more profitable, and keeps good people happy and productive.

We live this technology, using cloud computing in just a short period of time we have been able to open virtual offices on the west coast, Pittsburgh, Atlantic Canada, and starting in Jan 2010 we will have a presence in the UK. All this with little capital expenditure and an increase in client services and client satisfaction.

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